Boost your document security with this Xerox printing solution

What is your business’s most valuable asset? Real estate? Vehicles and equipment? Intellectual property? Investments? These are all correct answers but there’s one asset that hardly gets a mention – information. The information your business collects through its daily operations is a precious commodity, but the negligent manner in which businesses handle information on digital and paper documents contradicts this.

Xerox reports that 90% of security breaches in companies originate at the printer. But there is a solution. Here’s everything you need to know about follow me printing and how it can keep one of your most valuable assets secure at all times.

What is follow me printing?

Abandoned documents in printer trays are far too common in businesses. Not only are they wasteful, unsustainable and costly, they’re also a security risk. Your business handles a large amount of sensitive information that can easily fall into the wrong hands if left unclaimed at the printer. Follow me printing aims to eliminate the wastage of abandoned printouts.

Here’s how it works:

  • A user initiates a print job from their computer or mobile device.
  • Instead of printing the document immediately, it’s uploaded to a database and indefinitely held in a queue.
  • Once the user is physically at the printer, they can release the job by verifying their identity.

There are various ways in which users can authorise print jobs at the printer. They can enter their username or email and password, scan an ID card, tap a fob or use their fingerprints.

The mechanics of follow me printing vary based on factors such as printer manufacturer, operating systems, technology trends and industry-specific document security standards. However, what they have in common is that they protect the integrity of your private company data and ensure that your printer only prints when necessary.

What Xerox does differently

Xerox Workplace Cloud is a centralised printing solution that provides an overview of your business’s printing environment. You can manage your entire network, identify usage patterns and extract insights. Importantly, you can control access to printers and information. As the administrator, you decide who can print, from which devices and how.

Xerox Workplace Cloud’s access control supports a range of authentication methods using smart technologies such as NFC, QR codes and two-factor verification. It’s not just follow me printing, it’s cloud-based follow me printing that makes sense for adaptive businesses with flexible mobile workforces.

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