Data security threats worth protecting your business from

Cybercrime is on the rise as hackers get smarter and better at what they do.

No one, not even small businesses, are safe from attack. But cybercriminals aren’t the only threat to a business’ data. Before cybercriminals can even get to your business there needs to be an opportunity for them to do so; a virtual key poorly hidden under a rock or an open window. Basically, there have to be weaknesses in your business’ data security in order for cybercriminals to succeed. What are these areas of potential vulnerability and how can you ensure that your business is able to mend them?

What factors threaten your business’ data security?

  • Employees asleep at the switch. Negligence on the part of uninformed employees is a major hazard to a business’ data. Employees very often leave their laptops unattended, install untrusted programs or fall for phishing traps – all of which are notorious hacking avenues.
  • Unvetted mobile devices. Business mobility is great and, in this age, probably necessary for most businesses. However, if the devices staff use when mobile aren’t properly taken through a data security auditing process, they essentially represent gateways for malicious parties.
  • Inefficient security systems. Simply trusting your staff to source antivirus freeware for their laptops and computers isn’t enough, unfortunately. Smartphones, printers, point-of-sale systems and any other device connected to your company’s network server can become a point of entry for malware and other intrusions. Antivirus freeware isn’t as equipped to protect an entire business as sophisticated anti-malware software suites are - the latest range of Xerox MFP’s exemplifies this.

What can you do to protect yourself against data security threats?

There are a couple of practical steps you can take to guarantee that your business doesn’t lose its reputation, revenue and consumer trust because of a data breach scandal:

  • Establish a data security policy and enforce it strictly. The first line of defence against malicious hacks is fortifying your internal processes by implementing protective policies for data security, printing and document management. This reduces your chances of infiltration by making sure that you and your staff are doing the best that you can to protect the company’s data. If you handle sensitive client information, educate yourself about the legal mechanics of data securityand how legislations like the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act affects your own internal policies.
  • Invest in only the most trusted technologies.  When it comes to the security and integrity of your business’ entire data store, only the best will do. You need to invest in systems and technologies that can outsmart any threats. If necessary, call in experts and outsource some of your office equipment and data security systems – the return on investment is sure to be worth it.
  • Back everything up as often as possible. And we mean everything. The problem most businesses face after a data breach is not being able to recover the data they lost because they neglected to schedule regular backups. It’s only time-consuming if you aren’t aware of the many systems and tools that automatically back data at predetermined intervals.

Compleo stocks a wide range of Xerox MFPs that are secure even before you unbox them

A multifunction printer (MFP) is supposed to print, copy, scan and fax. Xerox MFPs, however, really put the “multi” in multifunction with added features that are designed to protect your business while distinguishing it from the competition. Their MFPs come preloaded with McAfee security software, making them secure to use even before you turn them on. ConnectKey technology also gives them the ability to automate workflows and password-protect sensitive documents, limiting the risk of having information wind up in the wrong hands because all your printer can do is print.

Compleo has a wide range of these industry-leading machines, so if you would like to know more about the benefits of a multifunction printer or any of our other services like managed print, feel free to contact us.

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Data security threats worth protecting your business from

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