How a multifunction printer can improve business communication

01 June 2016 | Rabin Ram

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of efficient communication in business. Communication breakdown, according to Bill Quirke in his book Making the Connections: Using Internal Communication to Turn Strategy Into Action, is one of the major contributors to a business’ failure. “When employees understand their overall role in the business, 91 percent will work towards that success, but the number plummets to 23 percent if they don’t”, he opines. In 2010, Towers Watson reported that business that have a highly effective internal communication had 47% higher returns to shareholders. That number could, conceivably, be higher today given the advances and disruptions that have happened in smart technologies between 2010 and now.


Knowing all this, it’s almost unbelievable that businesses aren’t doing more to better their internal communication. It doesn’t even require much effort. You could transform so much about your communication in your business by simply switching to a different printer – a multifunction printer (MFP) to be more specific. But in case that sounds a little dubious, we’ve taken the liberty of laying out a few facts for you.

What is a multifunction printer?

The clue is in the name; an MFP is a printer that can do more than just print. At their most basic, MFPs can scan, fax, copy and print, but at their most powerful they can think for themselves and even think for you. In terms of smart technologies, MFPs are constantly on the cutting edge. They’re capable of automating sluggish business operations and workflows and digitising paper-based operations.

How would a multifunction printer improve communication in my business?

So much of your business’ communication runs through your printer that it can essentially serve as a highway between employees, and the type of printer determines whether the highway is full of traffic or not. MFPs are designed to ease and redirect traffic so efficiently and invisibly that the only sign that they’re actually working is the result: increased productivity, faster operations and a strengthened bottom line.

The bulk of communication breakdowns within businesses are as a result of human fault. However, considering that we live in an increasingly technological society and how our business operations are relying more and more on digital systems, we’re going to have to start looking at our machines and devices for sources of ineffectual communication – if we haven’t already. An unusual but good place to start is your print environment and here’s why:

  • A multifunction printer centralises your whole printing ecosystem. This is something that separate independent machines can’t do – ever.
  • Multifunction printers reduce the amount of paper you use. Through digitisation of formerly paper-based operations, you can send and receive vital correspondence without the need to reprint and rescan updated versions of documents (and potentially risk careless miscommunication).
  • A good multifunction printer automates your internal processes for you. Unnecessarily laborious tasks can be pre-programmed for automation and can effectively clear the road of all traffic (to borrow an earlier metaphor) and ensure that communication is quick and on time.

Which multifunction printer does Compleo have available?

As Xerox partners, we’ve made it our mission to offer our customers a broad range of machines that are capable of fulfilling any business’ printing needs. For example, if your business needs to print in colour (link to colour printing blog), we have a variety of A3 and A4 multifunction printers available for you like the Colorqube 9303 which is perfect for smaller businesses or the Workcentre™ 7855, better suited for a bigger staff.

And if colour printing isn’t a priority for you, we also stock a healthy suite of monochrome printers like the Workcentre™ 5945 and 5955, which are both A3-capable large-scale monochrome multifunction printers and the Workcentre™ 6605, a monochrome MFP designed for smaller enterprises.

The point is that whatever your business’ size and function, we’ve got an MFP for you. If you are serious about changing the landscape of your business’ internal communication for the better, get in touch and we’ll probably have an answer and solution to your problem.

Image credit: Telspan

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