So much of our business operations rely on the cloud these days. If you would like to migrate your business from physical to virtual servers, Compleo has a range of packages that are guaranteed to meet your needs. You can rent cloud space on one of servers, let us manage your existing server for you or co-host your server with us and manage it on your own.


Compleo has a variety of laptops, desktop computers and tablets that are perfect for home and office use. We’ve partnered with industry-leading brands to provide you with a wide selection of devices that can fulfil your personal and business objectives efficiently.


Compleo’s broad range of voice and data connectivity products and services are diverse enough to keep a business of any size connected. Our IT office solutions include ADSL, broadband, voice and fibre communications, all of which are reliable, fast and always on the cutting edge of technology.


Modern offices no longer have separate plans for their voice and data communications. Telephonic communications are almost inextricable from the internet in today’s business world and this has led to a need for robust, fast and reliable systems to support ensure that office workers stay connected locally and internationally. Compleo’s PBX IT office solutions tick all of those boxes.


3CX Phone System is an advanced award-winning Windows-based internet protocol (IP) PBX software system that integrates seamlessly with your company’s communication framework. 3CX provides flexible connectivity that allows you to connect to your employees, your employees to connect to each other, and, ultimately, your customers. 3CX lines are always up and clear, keeping both internal communications optimal and bankable.