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Document Scanners

Selected from the leading manufacturers in the industry

We have gathered all the best document scanners in the industry from leading manufacturers such as Avision, Epson, Zeutschel, Mekel and Inotech.


Innovative and high-performance products

Avision has established a solid reputation for its strong development and manufacturing capability. The innovative and high-performance products are well recognised by customers in small and medium-sized businesses.

header production printers avision ad230


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Fast. Reliable. Affordable

This document scanner scans up to A4 size and scans 6 000 pages a day.

header production printers avision ad240


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A high-speed scanning solution

This duplex scanner scans up to A4 size and scans 6 000 pages a day.

header production printers avision ad250


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For more volume

This document scanner can accommodate wider documents for a greater range of scanning.

header production printers avision an240w


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Meets your basic scanning needs

A duplex scanner that scans 6 000 pages a day.

header production printers avision av320e2


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It’s up to the task

With a larger paper size of A3/A4 and a scanning volume of 10 000 pages a day, this is a more heavy-duty document scanner.


Specialised document scanners

Microfiche and microfilm scanning doesn’t have to be a headache thanks to Mekel’s capable offering of specialised scanners.

header production printers mekel mach1


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High-performance card scanning

Affordable and convenient solution to convert your microfilm aperture cards to digital images.

header production printers mekel2


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Specialised multiform scanner

Now you can simply and efficiently digitise all formats of microfilm and photographic materials.


Bulk scanning solutions

For efficient bulk scanning, the Inotec bulk scanner is reliable and fast and utilises innovative and energy-efficient technology. Enhance reliability and scanner throughput of even the most difficult and high-volume scanning projects.

header production printers inotec scamax 403 series

Scamax 403 series

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User-friendly bulk scanning

Intended for bulk scanning like back scanning and daily scanning.


Premium book scanning devices

These book scanners come at a premium price. These devices are good for protecting documents and can store information in a PDF format.

header production printers zeutschel os16000


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Top of the range

This is a large book scanner with a premium price.

header production printers zeutschel os14000


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Striking scanning for prized documents

This large book scanner comes at a premium price.

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