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Specialised multiform document scanner

Now you can simply and efficiently digitise all formats of microfilm and photographic materials.

This multiform scanner scans microfiche, microfilm and aperture cards. Its manual process makes it cheaper than Mach1, but not everyone needs it. If you have aperture cards, it depends on how the information was saved.

Intended for use in any industries that do a large amount of scanning. This document scanner is suitable for municipalities and house plans, AVBOB, the Chamber of Mines, libraries, deeds offices, Unisa and the aviation industry, among others. This scanner is ideal if you’ve been in business for many years, and for departments that have the space for it in their office.

The MACH2 Universal UF-Series embodies economy of scale with its ability to read, scan, email and save images from roll microfilm, microfiche, microcards, aperture cards and photographic materials.

Product Specs

  • Output Resolution: 100-600 dpi
  • Capture Mode: Color, greyscale or bi-tonal
  • Capture Time: 1/3 second per image
  • Dimensions: 50 x 290 x 200 mm/17.7 x 11.4 x 7.9 inches

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