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Document Management Solutions

We have scalable solutions for all your technology needs – whether in the cloud or on premise. We offer solutions from  Managed Print Solutions, automated document workflows, content management, and much more. Our offerings are scalable so, as your requirements change, we can support your needs for the entire organisation.

Kofax ControlSuite : Combining Autostore | Equitrac | Output Manager
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Digital transformation starts with documents. Manage, secure, and govern documents with unified print, capture, and workflow automation—empowering your organization to engage today like the digital workforce of tomorrow. Cost-effective per-user p...
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A document management system that helps you to automate your business processes for managed document solutions that include document capture and automation. This IT service solution is suitable for all industries and can be customised for departme...
Nuance Output Manager
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Take your document management to the next level. With Nuance Output Manager services, you can help your business printing become more cost-efficient. And you will be able to manage the input and output of data more effectively. This technology pro...
Equitrac Office
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This document management IT service solution can help you cut costs while simplifying your print infrastructure. This solution is ideal for cost tracking and are suitable for departments that recover costs, including finance and billing. Customers...
Equitrac Professional
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Provide a premier service for your clients using Equitrac Professional, a document management solution for improved cost tracking. This IT service solution is suitable for the legal and project management industries and for professions that have t...
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A business process management tool for your workplace. This IT service solution has many features including electronic content management, managed document services, GlobalSearch (ECM), GlobalCapture (document capture), GlobalAction (BI workflows)...
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This technology helps businesses with capture and collaboration. Document management solutions for delivering secure, streamlined records and document capture workflows. Features error prevention, recognition and correction and managed document so...