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Avision AD 8120 A3 Scanner

R 163,832.45
Avision AD 8120 A3 Scanner

Avision AD 8120 A3 Scanner


A Duplex High-Volume Production Scanner

The Avision AD 8120 A3 Scanner is a high-volume production scanner with a robust 500-page auto document feeder and a blazing scanning speed of up to 120 ppm/240 ipm in Color, Grayscale, and Monochrome. Combining paper protection technology and triple ultrasonic double-feed detection capability, the AD8120 delivers exceptional feeding reliability to maximize your scanning productivity in a small unit.

High-Volume Daily Duty Cycle

The scanner can be used to scan up to 60,000 pages per day through the 500-page automatic document feeder. The data indicates that this scanner is designed to scan document in any application requiring frequent document and hard card scanning.

Dual-lamp Design to Handle Wrinkled Documents

Designed to handle even extreme applications, the AD8120 scanner is built-in with two long-lasting lamps. These mercury-free lamps give you maximum illumination to help eliminate shadows from wrinkled documents.

Triple Ultrasonic Sensors to Detect Overlapped Paper

Three ultrasonic sensors protect against double feeds by detecting and preventing overlapping pages from being fed into the scanner at the same time. Each sensor can be set to ignore or detect specified areas of a document to accommodate pages with labels or attachments.

Staple Detection Technology

Avision's Staple Detection feature automatically stops the scanning process when an unremoved staple is detected. If left undetected, staples could cause errors that compromise the document, cause jams, or damage the device.

Plastic card or ID card uses the straight paper path

To provide scanner users with the most versatile scanning environments, the user has the choice to utilize a "Curved or Straight Paper Path".  By opening the rear cover, users can use the straight path to transport paper to the rear of the unit. Using the straight paper path ensures high reliability with plastic cards, ID cards, thick, long paper, or more fragile documents.

A Document Scanner with an Imprinter (Optional)

The AD8120 scanner can be integrated with an imprinter.  The innovative combination allows users to print a sequence number or characters physically on the front side of each page that is being scanned. By printing serial numbers, the scanned data can be tracked, matched and/or indexed with the original document.

A Large LCD Display 

The AD8120 is easy to use through the clear 1.8” LCD display. By selecting your destination and pressing the “Scan” button, the scan can be done and the scanned image can be sent to your specified destination application such as e-mail, printer, or your favorable image-editing software application. Up to nine frequently used scan settings and destinations can be preset for different scanning needs.

Scan to Cloud with Button Manager V2

The AD8120 come with TWAIN and ISIS drivers and is bundled with a suite of powerful software applications that include Avision Button Manager V2, AVScan X, and PaperPort 14SE. With Button Manager V2, you can complete a scan and send the image directly to cloud servers such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, FaceBook, or Microsoft SharePoint with a press of a button. You can also save the image to searchable PDF, JPEG, BMP, or GIF file format, and scan to an e-mail, or an image editing application. In addition, the bundled software applications also include AVScan X and PaperPort which are highly effective document management software to streamline your task more efficiently.



  • Fast, 120 ppm / 240 ipm scanning in color, grayscale and monochrome ( 200 dpi )
  • Support form document up to 297 x 432 mm (A3)
  • Robust 500-page automatic document feeder
  • A daily duty cycle of up to 60,000 sheets
  • Three Ultrasonic sensors to enable or disable detection in different areas of document 
  • Staple detection feature
  • Curved or Straight Paper Path
  • Auto crop and deskew a document with the advanced image processing unit to enhance the scanning speed
  • Latest USB 3.1 Gen 1 connectivity for faster transmission speed
  • Reverse roller technology delivers outstanding feeding reliability
  • Hard and embossed card scanning up to 1.25 mm in thickness in landscape feeding
  • Press and scan to cloud servers via the bundled software Button Manager V2
  • Earth-friendly LED technology
  • Long page scanning up to 6000 mm (236”)
  • Auto power off setting
R 163,832.45