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Concerned about information falling into the wrong hands?

Whether it’s a genuine mistake, or malicious act, trying to control information sharing is extremely difficult and time-consuming. Protect can help you regain control of your documents, even after the send!

Protect is an advanced security solution featuring high-level encryption and authentication protocols, providing users with maximum protection. It has an intuitive user interface and provides real-time threat monitoring, helping users safeguard their data without needing any technical knowledge.


Many solutions promise to keep your data secure, but one area in which you are at the mercy of others is file sharing.

Businesses must share information to survive, but can do little to control that information once it leaves the confinement of your own firewall, whether mistakenly or maliciously!

Restaurant manager doing paperwork while talking on the phoneThree areas of concern.

1. Email Transmission 

The simplest and quickest way to share information. It’s prone to mistakes, uncontrolled further distribution, and compromised email accounts through malicious activity.

 2. File Sharing / Hosting SolutionsMan working in a hallway on a laptop with a cup of coffee. Plants and a stairway behind him.

Over the past few years, sharing larger files externally has become quick and simple, but many of these solutions allow for completely open file sharing links to be distributed. Another issue you may face using “free” services, your personal identifiable information can be gathered and used for other purposes.

An open office with a wall of windows and a row of different desks (standing sitting, etc.)

3. Physical Distribution

Have you ever had a letter or parcel delivered to you that wasn’t yours? What about leaving a document on your desk or a public location? Even when carrying documents with you, people don’t always cover them as they should! Unfortunately, it all happens more frequently than businesses would like.

So how can Workflow Central’s “Protect” workflow1 help mitigate these areas of concern?

When sharing documents through the “Protect” workflow, creators can set up to 3 levels of security to each document. And thanks to the clever security wrapper it places around the file, it always stays with the document regardless how it’s shared.

  1. Track views – This will track the number of document views.

  2. Track viewers – This will track the number of document views and who has viewed it.

  3. Restrict and Track Viewers – This will track the number of document views and restrict who views it.

Digital bar chart with yellow bars and white connecting lines

With any of the above chosen, creators can set expiry parameters for viewing. These can be after a set date or number of days; for Level 2 and 3, creators can set the maximum number of views allowed. If a document is accidentally sent to the wrong person it can be expired immediately or at any time after it’s sent.

To avoid sharing to external email addresses, creators can restrict the document to a specific domain, or domains – especially useful for “Internal Use” documents that should be kept internal!

With levels 2 and 3, creators can even add screen capture identifiers to the shared document, which imprints the recipient’s name into the document should they use “Print Screen” or other Screen Capture software. This can deter further sharing, as readers visually see that if they were to share a snapshot of any one page or part of a page, they would be at risk of the leak being easily traced.

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