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One language in. Another out. Instant translation is at your fingertips.

A faster, easier way to translate and retain the original layout of your documents. The translate workflow uses state-of-the-art technology to deliver instant translations in over 40 different languages.

Are you aware of the data security risks when translating documents?

What about the time taken and cost for such tasks?

No matter the concern, put your business back in control and avoid potential data leakage, productivity hits and additional cost synonymous with translation.


Four areas of concern:

1. Online translation engines with insufficient data protection.

Given no other option, your workers may gravitate to searching for solutions, and it’s not difficult to find many “unknown” websites offering to translate your documents for free!

A quick read of their Terms & Conditions may frighten you on how your data is being used.

2. Unprotected data flow.

Maybe your workers need to email documents for translation / validation or use file transfer solutions to be able to share. Again, the risks of emailing or using file sharing solutions can increase unwanted data exposure.

3. Time taken for human translation.

Human translation is a time consuming and costly task. It’s accurate and encompasses different cultural and industry nuances. However, do all your documents need that level of translation quality? In many cases, the answer could be no, meaning you could cut costs and save time.

4. Productivity impact of copy and pasting!

Maybe you're not translating sensitive documents, so a free text translation tool is sufficient. However, is the original source editable? And if not, individuals must copy and paste into the translation engine, then re-copy and paste into an editable format, which may also mean trying to find replacement images contained within. There’s a better way.

Here’s how Workflow Central’s ‘Translate’ workflow addresses all these examples:

Xerox C310 Printer in home office

Home workers have direct and secure access to an on-demand translation tool. It also keeps the original formatting of the document, while creating an editable version for those little touch-ups. Say goodbye to copy and pasting into free online tools, only to waste time re-copy, pasting and reformatting from scratch!

Woman on a train working from her computerWorkers on the go no longer need to wait until they are back in the office. There is easy access from mobile devices, and Workflow Central ensures workers can translate documents or screen captures on the fly – and avoid trips back to the office


Bright, open office with a wall of windows casting geometric shadowsFinally, workers in office spaces have access to a powerful, consistent, and instant ad hoc translation service, not only from their PC but also through the intuitive MFP app, making translating hardcopies and digital originals a breeze.
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