What is Managed Print Services (MPS)?

There are endless definitions for the term “Managed Print Services”, but what they all agree on is that Managed Print Services (MPS) is a document management solution that applies a holistic approach to a company’s print environment in order to simplify workflow, reduce output fleet costs and increase productivity. MPS basically seeks to manage your business’s document processing so you don’t have to.

Printing is often underestimated as a business expense, even though it can start adding up in the long run. When seeking to drive down costs in your business one of the first key areas you should look at is your print environment. With an effective MPS strategy, businesses can see a drop in costs by as much as 30%. Managed print lets your day-to-day operations run smoothly by taking control of your document management and implementing products, methods and technology that declutter your print infrastructure.

By using intuitive systems and the most efficient machines, MPS providers can significantly boost the way you do business.

The whole point of managed print services is to make your business run better.

That’s why the best MPS providers do a detailed inspection of your current print environment and how it is helping or hindering your business objectives. An effective MPS strategy, therefore, is meant to be unique to each business.

MPS combines software systems, services and technology to save you time and money when it comes to your output fleet. Managed print reduces the amount of paper that you use, improves the security of your document journeys and automates any slow processes. Through MPS you get a clear picture of your entire print infrastructure and better management of how it affects your daily business operations.

Managed print services providers should maintain an ongoing relationship with your business.

Because of the remote control and visibility that managed print services makes possible, your provider should be able to monitor your whole print environment offsite, ready to fix a problem before you or your employees are even aware of one.

The benefits of MPS continue long after initial implementation. Your business will be able to report regular incremental savings in your running costs, the skills of your employees will be put to better use, productivity will rise and, ultimately, your revenue will increase.

MPS is a lasting solution for any business that wants to improve the way its everyday processes are run, by outsourcing its document management to experts.

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