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Meet the new Equitrac print  management software

Meet the new Equitrac print management software

Meet the new Equitrac print management software

Every cent counts in business. Despite this, many businesses still have expenses that are out of their control. Kitchen and restroom supplies, travel expenses, entertainment and sundry stationery are all auxiliary costs that can easily slip out of your grip and start piling up. But printing is by far the area where the most misspending and wastage takes place in businesses. Business owners and decision-makers might not know that it’s in the business’s best interests to track and control their printing. Thankfully, with solutions like Equitrac, keeping up with your printing is made simple.

Equitrac is intelligent print management software that allows you to oversee, manage and track your business’s print activity accurately. This further gives businesses the capacity to control printing costs and bill clients for every printing resource the company uses. Equitrac’s latest update adds even more functionality to the already robust solution to improve the security and control in growing businesses.

Introducing Equitrac Version 5

Version 5 of Equitrac addresses print concerns caused by the growing mobile workforce, cloud document management and increasing number of devices from which workers are able to print. Here’s a summary of what’s new and improved about it:

Easy integration – Hybrid Print Control allows you to manage your entire print fleet on one platform and choose how to deploy printing.

Enhanced secure printing for mobile devices– Web Release functionality has been extended to include mobile devices. Employees and guests can now follow the Follow-You Print workflow and release their print jobs via a browser on a PC or on their smartphones.

Increased productivity – Users can now quickly send scanned documents to email, fax and the cloud from a single application with the Equitrac Capture and Send add-on.

Secure control anywhere, anytime – The web-based Equitrac System Manager for clients now works for users too so you can perform any task from anywhere using a web browser.

Business-aligned reporting – Everything is tracked and reporting now includes the environmental impact of your business’s print fleet and the cost savings you’ve made.

Convenient printing – The Nuance ID Controller allows you to integrate any kind of printer (including single-function devices) into your document management system with a simple card reader that attaches to the back of the printer.

Get Equitrac from Compleo

Equitrac is an industry-leading print management software solution that has revolutionised the way businesses across industries track and account for spent printing resources. You can get Equitrac Office and Equitrac Express through Compleo. Get in touch with us and we’ll help you make your printing work for you.