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Production workflow management will speed up your turnaround times

Production workflow management will speed up your turnaround times

Businesses are increasingly coming under pressure to adopt the latest technology, stay abreast of trends and remain competitive. But before business owners panic at the thought of updating their technology, the good news is that it’s not as difficult as you might think it is. You can use your multifunction printer for faster turnaround times with production workflow management.

Cut turnaround times

Efficient production workflow management requires a combination of tools, methods and software to help automate businesses processes. For example, take a document that multiple employees need to collaborate on. Without workflow management, they would have to wait until one of them had finished work on the document, so they could send it (often physically) to the next person. This is not ideal. Efficient workflow allows the document to move along the “assembly line” with little or no need for a human administrator. By automating the work to be passed on, workflow management reduces the friction inherent in transferring works in progress from one employee to the next, reducing the time it takes to complete processes. With workflow management, you can authorise tasks and digitally sign off on completed work – sometimes even from remote locations – without having to take your eye off the screen.

Depending on the software package and your business process management goals, you can tailor your workflow management system to your unique needs. Workflow management is also designed to scale up with your business while it keeps your business operations as friction-free as possible.

Better automation with FreeFlow Core

FreeFlow Core automates certain tasks in production printing to save you time and make for  increased efficiencies. In this way, there’s less room for human error because fewer people are involved in the job, which means that you can get more done and get it done faster. Automation will help you to avoid wasting time and energy in downtime because stopping and starting a printer uses more power. Automation speeds up turnaround times, results in better accuracy for users and is more secure.

Benefits of FreeFlow Core

There are many benefits of using Freeflow Core. Freeflow Core on-premise features Modular Architecture, which is the base software, and four optional modules: Advanced Prepress, Advanced Automation, Output Management and Variable Data Printing. It’s browser-based and also features manifest job processing and job clustering, an intelligent job management system that provides value beyond the printer by organising similar jobs for optimal post-press processing. Freeflow Core can also connect to the cloud. In addition, FreeFlow Core has colour management intelligence, which means that it automatically manages the colour of the prints to give you crisp printouts.

Customers often combine FreeFlow core with Xerox FreeFlow Digital Publisher; a print and digital communications workflow solution that combines your customer’s needs into a single seamless workflow. Robust in its capabilities, it can handle multiple platforms including web, mobile and Android iOS and Amazon apps.

Shorter runs

Print production businesses that have adopted workflow management systems report shorter run lengths and faster turnaround times. Additionally, production workflow management enables you to leverage digitisation by allowing you to base your services on cloud servers and handle more online job submissions. You will also be able to carry out more complicated jobs from start to finish because automation requires less human administration at every stage of the print job.

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