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Print is not dead

Print is not dead

Multifunction printers, security and compliance management

Since instances of security infringements have become more common, we have highlighted in our blogs the necessity to be aware of this problem specifically regarding cybercrime and multifunction printers which are connected to your business’s network and employee email accounts, making them portals into your business for cybercriminals. They must also be secured.

Document management is subject to compliance requirements

Businesses are taking advantage of printing technology are enjoying many benefits. But they should also keep aspects like compliance mangement, security and efficiency in mind. Going paperless in an office is impossible because many documents, contracts and forms must be printed out. Compliance is a vital part of running a business and it is important that your business meets its legal obligations or face serious consequences. Document management is also subject to compliance requirements.

Fulfilling legal requirements

The banking, industrial and health sectors have further legislation that outlines document management requirements for each specific industry. Among others, the above laws govern the duration of document storage and in what form they should be kept (hard or soft copy). A failure to comply with the requirements of the Financial Intelligence Centre Act No 38, for example, can result in fines of up to R10 million or 15 years’ imprisonment.

Most businesses are inclined to digitise their documents, but as the above legislation indicates, not all documents should be. But once documents have been digitised, it also matters how they are stored, transferred and archived. This is where a document management system comes in. This system is a combination of software programs used to control the creation, transfer and archiving of electronic documents and images captured from paper-based documents through scanning. Document management systems can be adjusted to match the requirements of any business and processes that are critical for compliance can be built into them.

Document management systems are designed to integrate with several platforms and operating systems, including Xerox’s ConnectKey. The level of automation that ConnectKey enables makes it easier to control the traffic of electronic documents and customise workflows.

Secure your printer

Unfortunately, there is now a greater need to protect businesses from malicious threats and your printer is a potentially unprotected entry point. But with advanced content management and risk management, you can ensure that your information remains safe. It’s important to keep your business secure by implementing strict information security policies and installing threat protection measures such as a firewall and network monitoring and possibly also advanced threat detection for an extra layer of protection on your server. Every business has the responsibility to schedule regular system and software updates to maintain protection. As internet security firm puts it: “Developing new technologies and response strategies is only half the solution. The latest technologies and information have to make their way from the development lab to your desktop. That’s where program updates and the Internet come into play.”

A business’s office printer alone can host several security threats that are being consistently underestimated. When the next attack hits, will your business be counted among the casualties because of the following document security inefficiencies? Multifunction printers (MFPs) address each one of these inefficiencies.

  •        Documents lying in printer trays.
  •       Sensitive data being sent to the printer.
  •        Sensitive data stored on MFP hard drives.
  •        Scanning to unauthorised, personal cloud apps.
  •       Unsecured filing cabinets.
  •       Unmonitored access to printers.
  •       Unrestricted access to scanned documents.

For a more detailed look at issues of security and compliance management, check out our What managers should know about document compliance e-book [link].  We will take you through exactly how our technology makes document compliance and POPI easy and enables advanced content and risk management through print output management.