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Reap the benefits of workflow management software

Reap the benefits of workflow management software

Automation is set to change the face of business because it will transform an ordinary workspace into a radically different one. Automation eliminates the need for tedious, repetitive tasks and frees up the time and energy of workers to perform their daily tasks.

The benefits of automation include enabling businesses to improve performance and service quality, reduce errors and achieve outcomes that go beyond human capability. In fact, when business processes aren’t streamlined, it can create issues with time and money for the enterprise. People often talk about the disadvantages of automation and how it will replace people’s jobs, but its aim is to augment human performance, not replace it.

The widespread need for workers to perform complex, labour-intensive tasks led to the development of today’s automated operations software. The type of software encompasses scheduling, management of console messages, backup and recovery and printing services.

The proliferation of software that’s designed to enhance productivity has created substantial gains in the office and HR environments. The more people use technology, the greater the burden on the system.

In the printing room, output increases consume a big slice of CPU time because this setup is unorchestrated. Automation, or workflow management software, deals with this issue by automating the processes that make documents print-ready.

For instance, FreeFlow® Core's automation toolset eliminates manual pre-press steps and reduces the time it takes to get jobs through the machine. It automates your printing processes by integrating hardware and software systems and simplifies your workflows (which are pre-built). All this is done without the need for outsourced IT input.

A blended workforce

Today’s office is made up of employees, remote workers and freelancers who  working across the country and even the globe. Collaborative tools now play a more important role to ensure that everyone’s on the same page. When you automate your printing jobs, an out-of-office employee can still use the office printer because they can access to FreeFlow® from anywhere. HR’s role is made much easier with the creation of a connected workforce because the office is now in sync through its printer.

More reasons to automate your workflow

Reduce costs: Automating your workflows is a great way to leverage more margin from your business.

Reduce errors: Thanks to the sophistication of Xerox technology, you can identify errors before the job is printed, cutting back on wasted printouts. And you will save on supplies and toners since you’re avoiding makeovers.

Speed up the process: Automation allows more jobs to be printed per hour, unlike manual input.

Increased productivity: Automating your workflows automatically translates into more job capacity, shorter delivery times and optimised business operations.

Today’s businesses now have the opportunity to use automated printing and enjoy all the benefits it brings. Automation will have a positive impact on your business no matter how big or small it is. Let us help you achieve increased throughput, higher quality and decreased downtime with our production printing machines.

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