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The power of a modern mobile business

The power of a modern mobile business

Now you can take your modern mobile business anywhere

According to a recent Strategy Analytics report, the global mobile worker population will reach 1.87 billion by 2022, up from 1.45 billion in 2016. The report adds that mobile workers will comprise 42.5% of the world’s working population. This shows that business mobility is no longer a buzzword, but a valid and necessary paradigm shift. Breaking down the walls of an office has improved access to data, optimised network security, boosted turnaround times and enhanced productivity.

One aspect of a mobile business’s strategy, document management, can have a transformative effect on an organisation. Let’s look at when, where and how employees print helps to strengthen business operations and how Xerox ConnectKey’s innovative suite of tools can lend a hand.

Print from anywhere

Scenario: The CEO of a company is taking an early-morning flight across the country to secure urgent funding from a venture capital group. While she’s in the air, the rest of the team at the office race to finish the proposal, which she will need to print for the meeting as soon as she lands.

Solution: The Xerox Mobile Link App allows devices like smartphones and tablets to pair with any Xerox multifunction printer (MFP). So the CEO can find the nearest one when she lands, pair with it and print all the material she needs for the meeting.

Print securely

Scenario: The CEO secures the funding and the investors are so enthusiastic that they sign when the meeting ends. She must send the signed proposal to one of her associates at the office for filing and processing before the close of business.

Solution: She has two options here. She can use the Mobile Link App to scan the documents and send them. Or she can find a ConnectKey technology-enabled Xerox MFP nearby and scan the documents to multiple destinations, including the cloud and the email addresses of her associates.

Print only when it makes sense

Scenario: At the office, an associate receives the proposal, but can’t file or process it until the CFO of the company, who is working from home, has also signed it.

Solution: By combining ConnectKey’s customisable workflows and a document management solution like Xerox DocuShare Flex, the associate can automate this process. He can customise a workflow in which the documents are sent to the CFO for approval (which he can do with a digital signature) and forward them to the CEO and investors. If necessary, he can print a copy for filing.

It’s clear that mobile businesses simply perform better, especially when they’re empowered with groundbreaking solutions like the Xerox ConnectKey technology. To find out more about this innovative operating system for office printers, download the infographic below.