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Choose Iridesse for cutting-edge digital printing

Choose Iridesse for cutting-edge digital printing

Choose Iridesse for cutting-edge digital printing

The printing industry has come a long way. By today’s standards, printers of the 80s and 90s were highly cumbersome. They were heavy and took up loads of space. Fast-forward to 2018 and users have seen the devices becoming faster and more manageable. Today’s printers are more affordable and offer high-quality output with vivid colour capability.

Modern printing technologies are far more advanced than their counterparts. We now have digital printing at our disposal, which is infused with the latest technology to deliver stunning imagery. But you don’t need to take our word for it. We’ll show you.

High-end hallmarks

The Xerox Iridesse™ takes the idea of a digital press to a whole new level with the ability to produce advance imaging. It pulls this off with some clever technology:

Ultra HD resolution: With the combination of 1200 x 1200 dpi x 10 bit RIP rendering and

2400 x 2400 dpi x 1-bit print imaging, its ultra-high definition makes it hard to miss. Other presses may process images at the same level, but the image pipeline that feeds data to the Iridesse™ is unique – and you can see the difference.

Jaw-dropping embellishments: The printing machine makes use of four-colour imagery using the CMYK colour model – cyan, magenta, yellow and key (black). It can be equipped with up to two additional stations that apply Speciality Dry Inks (silver, gold and clear) under or over CMYK. In total, the Iridesse™ can handle digital printing with up to six inline colour stations in a single pass and at rated speed. On top of this, you can use the Color-Logic® Process Metallic Color System. It uses special algorithms to provide an array of speciality effects such as patterns, watermarks, gradients and more.

A complex machine: The Iridesse™ possesses robust production capabilities. The printing machine can hold up to 250 sheets – perfect for heavyweight media. It provides a total capacity of up to 4 000 sheets and can expand its paper capacity to up to 8 000 sheets with four additional trays in two feeder stations.

To find out more about what the Iridesse™ can do, download the product brochure. You’re in for a treat for the eyes.