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The benefits of going green for your office

The benefits of going green for your office

With climate change and global warming being constant features in the news for the last few years, most people would like to try and do their bit to be more ecologically friendly. How we conduct our lives as individuals does have an impact, but when we take these ideas to the next level with more environmentally friendly offices, we can make much more of a difference.

The good news for offices that try to be more sustainable is that they will not only help the environment, but also end up running more efficiently and make savings to the bottom line. Offices that decide to go paperless can enjoy these benefits:

  • Office copy paper still accounts for a large part of the total paper used, so cutting back on this will make a big difference to the environment.
  • Going green by reducing paper production also means less energy consumption.
  • Going digital aids document organisation enabling users to find and send out information more efficiently.
  • Communicating with clients is faster and cheaper via email, giving users the ability to communicate with their entire client list in seconds.
  • Digital files are also more accessible to a workforce that is becoming more mobile.
  • Automatic backups mean that the days of losing important (paper) documents are over, documents can be stored on flash drives, on external hard drives or on the cloud.
  • Security is more of an issue than ever and going digital allows businesses to protect their data and privacy.

Using office printers more sustainably

Businesses find themselves in a quandary because they would like to be more sustainable, but their established processes might not be there yet.

A good place to start is by concentrating on their office printers. The first step is by getting an overall picture – counting the number of printers in the office and finding out how each printer is being used. Consider having a managed print services (MPS) assessment to ensure you are running as efficiently and as sustainably as possible. Then determine how much paper is being consumed and whether it’s possible to print less by, for example, using a smaller font or making sure both sides of the page are used.

Employees should be told to put waste paper in the recycling bin. Also make sure that other materials like cartridges are discarded responsibly. Use the “power down” power-saving strategy  – when devices reduce energy consumption by turning off power during off-peak times. Finally, automate document processes to reduce paper wastage and leverage off the cloud by converting digital files.

Our full range of eco-friendly printers are delivering environmental benefits that impact your bottom line with eco-friendly printing options. The beauty of environmentally friendly features is that they also help to deliver real cost savings to businesses and individuals either through lower energy bills, reduced paper usage or increased toner longevity.

Compleo has a range of IT office solutions for your business needs. Find out more about a tool to help your office go green, the document management workbook.