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Say hello to the cutting-edge Xerox Iridesse

Say hello to the cutting-edge Xerox Iridesse

The Xerox Iridesse production printer is set to give businesses an immediate competitive edge in the growing digital print enhancement market.

“The Iridesse can do things no other digital production press can do,” says Ragni Mehta, Vice- President and General Manager, Cut Sheet Business, Xerox. This printer breaks new ground in the printing industry and pushes the limits of CMYK, automation, timelines and budgets.

Move beyond standard capabilities

Mary Roddy, global product marketing manager at Xerox, explains that when customers decide to print, they crave something they can't receive through digital alone. To cater for this need, Xerox develops digital imaging technologies that seek to deliver the extraordinary. The Xerox Iridesse Production Press was created to help customers seize market opportunities and grow their businesses with a machine that can cost-effectively produce special effects and digital enhancements.

Take a peek at this printer

This printing press combines four-colour imagery with up to two speciality dry inks in line – all in a single printer. In other words, it makes use of a six-station colour press. We know that a picture speaks a thousand words. As you can see below, the printed image using six colours looks fluid, giving the illusion that the page is alive.

Reap outstanding business benefits

The Xerox Iridesse Production Press combines unmatched capabilities with workflow automation for integrating metallics and varnishes. Its run-time quality control technology ensures that companies can eliminate the use of multiple presses used for print embellishments and streamline processes to increase capacity and profits for their customers.

With the additional gold and silver dry inks, customers can create applications with spot colours, metallic and mixed metallic gradients and speciality enhancements. Also, by using Xerox FreeFlow Core’s pre-built workflows, businesses can transform text and graphics with these dry metallic inks without editing the source documents.

Xerox created this first-of-its-kind commercial printer to produce cost-effective special effects and digital enhancements in a simplified workflow. This allows users to maximise efficiency and operations capabilities – giving them an immediate competitive edge. Xerox has outdone itself with the Iridesse Production Press.

The company has created a highly agile automated production press that creates outstanding image quality on every page. Once you see for yourself what this magnificent machine can do, the Xerox Iridesse Production Press will certainly find a place in your heart.

Are you ready to invest in advanced digital colour printing technology? Then speak to us and we can make it happen.

Image source: ITWeb