IT services and solutions

IT Services


We have a suite of solutions to compliment and support your internal processes and document management requirements, from cost control to output management. Our software includes Square 9, Electronic Document Managment Systems, ConnectKey and Nuance Equtirac and Output Manager. We also offer hosted services including Microsoft Office 365 as well as Back up, Antivirus and Disaster Recover solutions.

Cost Control and Recovery

Cost is a major concern for all organisations. We offer IT services to provide advanced capabilities including tracking, document management and cost reporting. Monitor spending on machines and manage your fleet effectively. Report on usage by user, department, document type and device. Especially suitable for law and project management industries and departments including finance, legal and billing.

files on a shelf for it services equitrac professional
Equitrac Professional

Customers can rent the software and the equipment – we report on usage by user, department, document type and device.

a man and woman standing in front of a whiteboard looking at it services equitrac office
Equitrac Office

Suitable for all industries from the smallest that requires only one machine up to 25 users.

calculator, pen and document for it services equitrac express
Equitrac Express

These IT services are suitable for departments, including finance and billing, that recover costs.


Electronic content management and document output management to ensure you are Popi-compliant. Compleo has managed document solutions, document capture and automation and helps our customers with managing and input and output of data. For legal, IT and finance departments including those dealing with compliance.

man sitting at a desk with a glass of water using it services output manager
Output Manager

Managed Document Solutions as document capture and automation [for those who require this].


Compleo offers a range of cloud-on-demand applications and collaboration tools including antivirus and Office 365.

a man working at a computer using it services office 365
Office 365

Makes MS Office applications including Word, Excel, PowerPoint accessible remotely.

Back-up and Disaster Recovery

Be prepared with cloud-on-demand applications, disaster recovery and backups. Our solutions give you the ability to wipe devices that were stolen or become vulnerable when people leave the company. Even when information is deleted, our data recovery service can access a backup so nothing is lost. Particularly important for protecting your company’s data when there are so many mobile devices around.

inside of a hard drive it services arcserv

Disaster recovery and backups.

Capture and Collaboration

Streamline the way you deal with documents in your business. By using our solutions, you can collect paper documents and forms and transfer them safely and efficiently into a digital format where they will be immediately accessible for use by appropriate members of your team.

a hand writing next to a calculator on a page with graphs for it services autostore

These IT services are suitable for departments including HR, payroll, finance, delivery notes for logistics.

files with paper inside it services ecopy

Delivering secure, streamlined records and document capture workflows.

Cloud Services

Our range of cloud services include Software as a Service (SaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS). Cloud services are scalable and dynamic.

data centre racks for it services druva

Very important for protecting your company's data and with mobile devices.

a business man in a coffee store using a laptop and cellphone for it services azure

Build and manage your applications.

a mac, mac book and ipad on a desk for using it services vdc

These IT services are suitable for all industries and IT departments.

Enterprise Content Management

Make sure the digital life cycle of your information is managed correctly – from collecting data to delivering or retrieving it, storing or deleting it. This includes software solutions and document management.

a lady working at a desk on a laptop using it services Square9

Secure and compliant storage and communication.


Our voice and video services give your organisation convenient and affordable business call and video conferencing capabilities using technology like 3CX.

a lady talking on a cellphone and holding an ipad using it services 3cx to make a call

Provides flexible connectivity for better communications.